Appendicitis And Its Causes


Appendicitis results in swelling and infection in the appendix. It is a vestigial organ located at the lower right side of the abdomen and attached to intestine. Appendix is a small organ and of no use to the body, but when infected or inflamed can cause deadly effect. Appendicitis is commonly found at the age of 12-30 years, but can happen at any age. There are many causes of Inflammation of the appendix, which can lead to painful condition of appendicitis.

One of the main causes of appendicitis is obstruction. Appendix has a hollow center that is known as lumen. When this lumen is obstructed it triggers an attack of appendicitis. It is mostly found in people consuming high fiber diet. As it contributes to roughage and does not get digested.

Hence it is often lodged in areas like lumen of appendix. Sometimes due to some infection of the body reaches the appendix and cause appendicitis. It is mostly seen when the body is in a state of sepsis, so the infection in the blood causes an infection in the appendix. Thus there are various causes of appendicitis and it is a painful infection.


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