Anti-encephalitis effort failed to end encephalitis in India


The BJP MPs Yogi Adityanath and Jagdambika Pal had raised the issue of encephalitis in Lok Sabha saying that anti-encephalitis effort of centre to end the incidences of this disease is not getting its target result.

Admitting the fact, the Centre claimed that there are approximately 1,495 cases of encephalitis came from children in this year. According to a data, there are 3,291 cases of encephalitis were reported in Uttar Pradesh, 2,317 in West Bengal, 2,194 in Assam and 866 in Bihar. Replying on this serious issue, the health minister J.P. Nadda said that he will visit all the five states where the incidences are happening more and find an ultimate solution so that the fund allotted to these states can be used in a proper way.

Further, the Health minister Mr. J. P. Nadda said that to make anti-encephalitis’s effort fruitful, all the elected MLAs, MPAs and sarpanchs and other leaders should also join the committee and work together on the matter.

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