Should You Nap? Everything You Must Know About Power Naps

power nap

Having a quick nap sometimes can be helpful for your health. Napping for 10-20 minutes boosts your immune system, enhances your performance, and uplifts your mood. It is beneficial to increase your alertness. But you must not increase the power naps time for more than 30 minutes. It can reverse the results and make you more tired instead.

Benefits Of Power Naps

Power naps can be helpful to improve your health. On a hectic day, 10-20 minutes of rest can be refreshing. It brings mindfulness and reduces your tiredness.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

An average of 10-20 minutes of nap can lower your increased blood pressure and improve your blood circulation. It improves the immune system. It can be as helpful as cutting salt and alcohol in case of high blood pressure. It reduces the chances of a heart attack too.

2. Performance

Having a power nap between any tiring works can increase your productivity and improve your performance. It helps you learn more and is good for your skills too. Napping makes your mind rest and works it better later.

3. Learning
Study says napping can enhance learning skills too. It improves your memory and focus. It helps you concentrate. It is more like a speed booster for any work that was tiring for you. It removes exhaustion so you get interested more after taking a nap.

4. Mood
No doubt taking a nap uplifts your mood. It refreshes your mind and relaxes your mood. It brings positivity and reduces your stressfulness. It removes the tiredness too.

How Long Should We Take a Nap?
A power nap should be of 10-20 minutes. It is enough to get a refreshing mind and get some rest from a tiring day. You can make it for 30 minutes but not more than that. Napping for a long time can make your body more exhausted and can disrupt your sleep at night.

You will feel difficult to fall asleep at night if you nap for a long time in the day time.

When Should We Take a Nap?
The time of taking a power nap depends on your convenience and age. But napping in the afternoon is good to go. Having a power nap for 20-30 minutes in the afternoon won’t harm your sleep at night at all.

What Are The Side Effects Of Napping?
Napping is beneficial for health until you exceed the time limit. If you nap for more than 30 minutes it can harm your health. 10-30 minutes of power nap provides you refreshing mind, stress-less mood, and enhances your body immunity and improves your productivity. But if you exceed the time limit you will face a disruption of sleep at night. You will experience difficulty falling asleep at night. It may cause Insomnia even. You can face several sleep disorders as well. It exhausts your mind and gives you more stress. And it drains your physical and mental energy.

Napping in the afternoon or the middle of some work is good for your health. Power naps to have lots of health benefits. But it must be maintained in the time limit. Otherwise, it may cause several health issues.


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