Alberta With Health Groups All Set To Raise Tobacco Tax


Edmonton- The Alberta’s NDP government received a plea from various health groups to increase the rate of tax on cigarettes by $ 1 on each pack.

This suggestion second by the smoke-free campaigns extends their hope that it will reduce the number of youngsters puffing around.

Dan Holinda, executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society in Alberta has a totally different perspective to it. She says such an approach will make smoking more affordable as it is right now. Her explanation to it states that an increase in tax should not be parallel to increase in minimum wage. She expects the government to take steps those do not make tobacco easily available and does not restrict the raise in minimum wage.

The money generated from the tax can be used for health-related programs in the city. The former government had initiated efforts to reduce the number of smokers by increasing the price of the cigarette pack by 50 cents.

The Imperial Tobacco Canada. One of the biggest seller of Tobacco. Expressed saying an increase in tax will not reduce the number of smokers. Instead, it is going to increase the consumption more especially illegally.

Eric Gagnon, a spokesman for the Montreal-based corporation says all these measures will push the youngsters to opt for illegal ways to satisfy their need. It has happened in other states like Ontario and Quebec.

Les Hagen further says there have been drastic and positive change due to increase in nicotine taxes in various states.

The increase in $1 effort is expected to reduce the number of smokers in the city and save lives!

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