AIDS: Why Isn’t A Cure In Sight?



Discovered in the early 1980’s, AIDS & HIV were given top priority with regard to finding a cure for it.  It is now over twenty-five years later and the scientists are no closer to a cure than they were on day one.  Billions of dollars have been used for AIDS research and it seems to be money wasted.  In recent years AIDS has fallen by the wayside and is not mentioned much anymore. This is very sad because, by now AIDS is a disease is one that everyone should be familiar with.
More attention needs to be paid on keeping people informed of this disease.  If scientists aren’t able to cure it, they should work on a way to prevent it, but to date there is no vaccine to prevent AIDS.  AIDS treatments here in America are basically the same round of ‘cocktails’ they’ve always been giving for it.

During the course of my research I learned that over in India they are having success in treating AIDS using antiretroviral agents.  They speculate that an AIDS vaccine may be developed from these antiretroviral agents within the next decade. Hopefully the scientist here in America will stumble on a breakthrough as well.  A vaccine and a cure are long overdue.

At present there is no vaccines or no cures for AIDS, only treatments.  In many cases these treatments keep patients going for many years.  It is my hope that American scientists can glean some knowledge from this and find the answers.


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