Advanced protective suit for Ebola health workers arrived

Ebola virus

Treating Ebola patients is one of the tough jobs for the health care providers because there is a high risk to get infection from these patients.The good news is that the researchers of john Hopkins University, has discovered an advanced protective suit which protects the health workers from the infectious body fluids of the Ebola patients while doing the treatment.

The most important benefit of this suit is that it keeps the wearer cooler. A small battery-powered, dry air source is fitted with the suit in such a way that it cools the wearer by blowing the air into the hood.This safer suit for Ebola is designed by a team of students, medical experts and engineers under the guidance of John Hopkins University’s center of bioengineering innovation and design.

This innovative protective suit is definitely going to help the health workers in terms of safety as well as the climate issue that put them in risk.

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