AbbVie’s Two Hepatitis C Drug Went For A Toss Due To Liver Damage In Washington


Hepatitis C is a disease that is infectious. It occurs when unsanitary injection practices are taking place. Its main target is the liver.

Two important ingredients in the Hepatitis C drug are expected to damage the liver and even lead to death. As stated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

People with pre- liver cirrhosis were affected adversely by it. The two drugs by the name Viekira Pak or Technician are provoking liver transplant or even taking lives of several people.

The manufacturing company Chicago-based AbbVie. After seeing the effects has been asked to update their safety measure and include proper information stating details that justifies why it should not be consumed by people suffering from liver cirrhosis.

According to the FDA report 26 cases worldwide have been reported of liver failure reason being the two mentioned drugs.

The company states that the link between the liver problems and drugs have yet not been clear. They further speak, “Because post-marketing events are reported voluntarily during clinical practice, estimates of frequency cannot be made and a causal relationship between treatment and these events has not been established,” it said.

The FDA has not stopped the consumption of the drug yet. Since it could make Hepatitis resistant to treatments. They have advised citizens to consult their doctors before consuming the drug especially those who are already suffering from liver related problems.

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