A Victorious Achievment For The Irish Boys On Winning The Nobel Prize In Medicine


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It came as a joke to Professor William C ­Campbell when a journalist broke the news about him receiving a Nobel prize.

Raising from nature capped place Ramelton he has always been proud of his native city that made him a Nobel prize winner. His attachment to Donegal roots of the place has made him carve his life for a better purpose.

His drug Avermectin is widely saving people across the planet from an infection caused by roundworm parasites. In addition to this It is saving patients of river blindness and lymphatic filariasis .

The health minister Leo ­Varadkar applauded the work of both Professor William C ­Campbell and Professor Satoshi Omura. As a researcher at Drew University in New Jersey in the United States, Cambell has always been hard working towards each observation and research.

He is thankful to the entire team who has been a part in creating a cure for millions of people. The drug is widely being used by millions of people to keep away parasitic infections.

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