7 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Pimples



A simple pop up on the skin, pimple or a pesky pimple they all combine to spot your clear skin. Almost every 2nd of 5 girls face this once in their life. Some are so unfortunate that their skin gets used to seeing pimples visiting them often.

It adds more frustration when you have parties or occasion lined up. Without feeling low do not worry there is a pool of options to subside these pimples.

Going natural is one of the best ways to wipe them out and not let them occur again. Consulting a doctor in worst cases is a better way to deal in an acute situation.

With ways to treat pimples, you need to keep another aspect in mind. With pimples highlighted on your skin do not lose control over yourself. Keep out of doing things those can make them worse.

Instead, calm down and concentrate on thing those you need to avoid doing. You will read a lot of blogs those will suggest ways to cure pimples. But, not the ones giving you a list of don’t.

So here is one way you can save the situation from going bad.

Read these 7 activities to avoid pimples from getting worst.


1. Squeezing or Touching

squeezing pimple is the biggest cause of pimple marks and recurrence

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Pimples! The name only gives you a weird feeling and makes you feel sad. But when you see one popping on your face you can really go bonkers. In this agony, we often squeeze the pimples to get rid of them. Touching is another worry that adds to making pimple worst.

You should always avoid doing these blunders to your skin. Leave you skin free and follow the medical or natural regime you have opted to keep your skin off pimples.

2. Hollow Myths About Skin

ignore myths about skin

Some people think that washing face as many times possible keeps off pimples from coming back. It is a wrong observation or suggestion given. Washing of face is to remove dirt and oil settled on the skin. Yes, oil and dirt are also responsible for forming a pimple. But, it mostly happens because impurities in the blood.

So do not ponder over such myths and plunge on to trying them on your skin.

3. Makeup

sleeping with make up on will worsen the pimple and force others to pop up

Beauty consciousness has become one of the biggest concern amongst women. Makeup favors this spree and conceals the original skin. It gives it an artificial look that is adored in the society. The woman often conceals a pimple and its marks, to not let it stop their freedom. It can ruin the state of a pimple at times.

Even if you cannot resist from using makeup then keep your brushes clean. timely clean your kit so that you do not add germs to the skin.

4. Spending money on useless treatments

Medication to be taken care of

Pimples are a common concern on women skin. There are some treatment camps or banners which take advantage of it. They suggest you treatments those are expensive and do no good to the skin. Avoid such attractions and save your money from the useless expense.

There are many who have been trapped in these scams. So, it is better you do not get swayed by them.

5. Leaving Doctor Prescribed Course in Middle

doctor's priscription

Pimple problem is not necessary to arise due to the external dirt. In some cases, internal problems in the body can make pimples occur. If you have visited your doctor and he has prescribed medicine, then follow the routine.

Do not leave the medication in the middle let the medication cure the problem.

Remember medication takes time so have patience and let it work of you towards a clear skin.

6. Low-Self Esteem

Pimples can pull down your self-confidence. They can make you do things those will ruin your skin more. Pimples can toss your mentality towards the positivity of life. So, take them as a usual part of pop-ups.

a clear skin

With all these don’t you will be able to hold the condition of a pimple there and not let it worsen. If you still feel it becoming something else than it to be only pimple, rush to your doctor to get a clearer picture.

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