5 things I wish I knew about Gestational Diabetes During my Pregnancy


gestational_diabetes measures to avoid it


To have a safe and healthy pregnancy has become a challenge today. Before a woman plans to create a life in her womb, she is worried about the uninvited problems. The more we are advancing and developing, the more life is becoming complex and uneasy.

We are all surrounded by uncountable diseases and disorders. With diabetes as one of the fastest spreading issue in the medical science. It is affecting people of every age.

Diabetes has become so common amongst us, that every 10th person we come across is a diabetic. Various types of diabetes are prevailing in our vicinity. One of its kinds targets only pregnant women.

Sounds scary right! But, to bring to your notice. Gestational diabetes does not restrict you from becoming a mother.

Apart, from this positive fact, you also need to keep a check on your health too. After Gestational diabetes, there are chances, you can develop type 2 diabetes later.

To study the term more closely and keep a check on your pregnancy, let me put it in a simple form.

What exactly it is?


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Gestational diabetes is a condition when the blood sugar level rises. It happens when the insulin receptors stop to perform. This type of diabetes is expected to occur during the third month of pregnancy.

It is not a type of disease that is a compulsion. You may or may not develop. In some blessed cases after the delivery, diabetes also gets cured.

Due to all these reasons a regular checkup is a must for pregnant women.


This type of diabetes occurs due to the placenta that increases the amount of insulin in the body.

Reasons those can lead to Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

– Overweight

It is the biggest cause of most diseases. As they say, excess of everything is bad. One needs to keep a sharp check on their weight prior and post pregnancy. It helps to balance the nutrients and other important levels in the body. It will give a healthier womb to the child and mother for future deliveries.

– Hereditary

hereditary diseases should be diagnosed timely

There are some rare cases in which a woman has diabetes carried forward from the ancestors. So, it is better to keep a check on your family history and health concerned reports. Make sure to Inform your doctor as soon as possible.

– Previous Pregnancy Record

If you have ever faced any complication during your previous pregnancy. then you need to be more careful the next time. Even if you delivered a child more than 8 pounds before, it can increase the chances of diabetes.

For all the women, it is must to visit the doctor timely and get all the necessary tests done. A good treatment makes a lot of difference and can let you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

In the worst of cases, this kind of diabetic pregnancy can cause a few risks.

You might have complications due to the large size of the baby.


Either of You can develop Jaundice.

safe pregnancy

So, to avoid all such troubles talk to your doctor. Follow the diet and medicinal plan religiously.

You can even practice some exercises those help for a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Going for walks in fresh air can keep you away from breathing problem and maintain the oxygen level.

Just watch your health and give a healthier life to your child.

So,next when you plan a family do not sit and wish. Instead, go ahead study about your body and make your pregnancy safe, healthy.

“Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind”-Howard. W. Hunter

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