5 Magical Oils Those Put Thyroid At Bay During Pregnancy


It is indeed sad to see 40% of the population suffering from thyroid across the planet. Women are considered most prone to the thyroid that is caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body. With most of them belonging to the second half of the age, it becomes tough to see speedy results or recovery.

Apart from it affecting the older ones. It even affects women during pregnancy that leads to complication affecting the baby. Women during the early phase of their pregnancy should get thyroid diagnosed. So as to take proper medication to slow down its effects on the baby. A little disturbance in thyroid function can cause widespread health problems.

Using oil extracts from various herbs and plants has been a common activity amongst our ancestors.

After recalling and observing awesome benefits about how oils can drastically save lives and maintain your health.

amazing oils filled with endless benefits

Here are 5 incredible oils those can help you treat thyroid during your pregnancy and guard your child’s and your health.

Primrose Oil

one of the lesser known yet effective oil primrose oil

Primrose is famous for its multifaceted benefits to cure a trail of problems and diseases. It is especially known for its amazing aroma and the goodness it has attached for health. When mixed with herbs it is one of the best syrup to cure thyroid. The primrose oil contains Gamma linoleic acid that regulates thyroid glands.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

We all know coconut is one of the most consumed oil for various purposes. You would be surprised to know along with making a healthy drink for pregnant women it also treats thyroid during this crucial time.

Take a glass of milk and add a spoon of coconut oil, sip it before sleeping at night. It enhances thyroid hormones and keeps you fit throughout the period without any risk.

Cod Liver Oil

cord liver oil

The whole world is going gaga about omega 3 for women. To talk straight yes it is true! The oil is worth all the popularity. It is one of the most valuable oil that helps to treat some major cancers in women and strengthen their immune system.

 Seaweed Oil

seaweed oil

This oil has anti-coagulant properties that treats a lot of illnesses like digestive, cardio and others. This oil has an interesting quality to optimize thyroid gland functioning and boost performance to keep you active.

It contains a rich source of iodine and selenium, as a marine plant absorbs a good amount of nutrients from the ocean.

Essential Oils

essential oil benefits

The essential oil is the god of all oils gifted to us by nature. It is the combination of medicinal ingredients those are effective to cure serious problems.

By combining frankincense oil with five parts lemon grass oil and five parts clove oil, it will help cure thyroid. Apply this mixture to the gland where thyroid Is see the difference in few days.

You no more have to worry about thyroid affecting your child and pregnancy period. Shelf these oils for not just thyroid but also for their other additional benefits that they provide.

Go natural and extract the best of nature with these magical oils.

Happy Pregnancy!

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