5 Habits That Kill Your Sleep & Make You Insomniac

5 habbits that kill your sleep.

“O sleep, O gentle sleep,

Nature’s soft nurse,

how have I frightened thee,

 That thou no more

will weigh my eyelids down,

And steep my senses

in forgetfulness?” 
William Shakespeare 

Human beings spend approximately one third of their life sleeping. Without sleep we can not survive. It has been defined by scientists that sleep is one of the most active periods for our brain and it is essential for our health. There are a number of causes that can prevent us from sleeping well. We do know that the major sleep thieves are illnesses, such as obesity or depression. They make us wake up during the night and welcome the morning feeling tired, instead of refreshed. But beside illnesses, we know of certain common sleep-disruptive habits among the suffering from insomnia:

1. Inconsistent Sleeping Schedule – you better not be napping between snacks.

2. Late-night eating – do not tuck in popcorn in the midnight hours.

3. Regular use of caffeine, alcohol or tobacco products – 5 coffees per day are killing your sleep and turning you into a drugged insomniac.

4. Lack of physical exercise – your body needs movement; it needs to get toned before it can relax during the night.

5. Too much worry – we know how sleepless we can get when we expect an exam in the morning and some people experience this amount of stress on a daily basis. The insomniacs are busy, nervous people. Sixty-five percent of Americans lose sleep because of stress. 30-40 percents of the industrial world suffers from insomnia.

Now, there are the good habits; what helps an insomniac reverse the situation and sleep better:

  1. Daily regime. Your body likes routine. You have to condition it to feel sleepy and waking at the right time. Be careful about napping during the day – that steals from your night’s sleep.
  2.  Bedtime rituals:

–        Meditation and relaxation from the daily activities

–        A warm glass of milk or herbal tea

–        Turn off the lights

–        Get into your pajamas, wash your face, brush your teeth, and in general freshen up.

–        Practice yoga or muscle relaxation before bedtime

  1.  Greet the Sun. Don’t think you are allergic to morning. Yeah, sit in the garden or the terrace for an hour or so, with your morning coffee, come rain or come shine. Why not, do the yoga practice Salutation of the Sun! You will start the day balanced, cheerful and spiritual, with much more energy than usual.
  2. 4.  LOL. Sense of humor. Have you heard about laughter therapy? You are actually so good at sleeping you can do it with your eyes closed. Just relax. Count some sheep. Or pink ponies jumping over each other. Make out with your girlfriend; fall asleep in the minute of climax. Snore “I love you.” Have wet dreams.

Sleep is a romantic event. Wake up and smell the flowers. Feel warm and cozy in bed, fresh and bountiful with energy in the morning; feel the God of Sleep is your best friend, Keep Calm and Carry On… and thank the wife for the coffee and the cookies befittingly.


1. Sound Asleep – The Expert Guide To Sleeping Well by Chris Idzikowski PhD

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