5 Foods To Fight Anemia


When you are feeling tired, having irritation in sleeping or the sleep is improper and you don’t feel fresh there is a strong chance that you may have developed Anemia. In medical science it is an established disease and occurs when the human body is unable to generate enough red blood cells.

Anemia can occur to anyone across ages but it is the women and the old that are more prone to this disease. It is a simple disease that can be combated with good food and nutrition. It is quite astonishing to find that currently 3.5 million Americans are suffering from Anemia. Rather than going for strong medication, take resort to good nutritious diet that can cure the problem and provide you a healthy body.


Spinach makes you strong and helps fight anemia
Spinach makes you strong and helps fight anemia

It is lack of iron and vitamins in the body that gives rise to anemia and hence one should immediately resort to iron rich food. Spinach should first be included in the list. Spinach helps one to produce haemoglobin in the body which in turn increases the amount of red blood cells in the body. Make sure that too much cooking may actually affect its iron content so it is better to have in through salad or cooked mildly.

Cereals Rich In Whole Grains

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Try to plan a diet routine which contains oat, corn, wheat, barley, rye or rice in substantial amount. They often come with the label saying red blood cell boosters. They are rich in iron, vitamin B and B-12. But make sure to check their sugar level content as with high sugar they are not that effective.

Beetroot juice

This is simply made out of raw beet without any addition of sugar or flavours. They are rich in iron, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins A and C, niacin, folic acid, and biotin which help in the healthy manufacturing of red blood cells and blood at large.


Though iron is present in trace amounts in milk, it has all the eight kinds of Vitamin B, calcium and potassium which help in the smooth functioning of the blood. Hence one cup of milk along with cereals is the best combination. For those who can select fat free milk cholesterol would also be handled smartly.


Beans are an excellent source of iron and Vitamin B along with low fat and high protein properties- the best combination to fight anemia. Pinto, kidney beans and black beans are the best choices among the lot and it is best to have it with brown rice which has similar nutritional values like beans.

Other major foods to fight anemia include beef liver, chicken, whole grain bread.

In general, when we look around, we have solution in our diet. It is just a smart practice which can keep us healthy.

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