3 Things To Consider Before Buying An Electrocardiograph Machine


Well, you might realise that having a successful general practice involves having some specialised diagnostic equipment readily available. Or the other scenario might be that you’re your “old-faithful” EKG machine has decided to retire unexpectedly and it is broken with no repair possibilities.

Some things have changed since you last had a look at the technology and features provided. Listed are some factors you will need to take indo consideration before buying your new EKG machine.

1. Paper Use

What paper does the new machine use and what are the dimensions of the paper? You will find that certain electrocardiograph machines use 6 cm sheets or half sized sheets to do print outs on.  It is even possible to find EKG machines that make use of smaller paper that are able to provide you with a full print in 3 x 4 + 1 format.  However, the preferred used paper for EKG printouts by the majority of cardiologist remain the letter sized paper which is 8.5” x 11”. This may be a more expensive choice but for filing and record keeping purposes this is the best paper option to use.

2. Data Capturing Capabilities

The ideal is to have an EKG machine that allows you to enter specific patient information via a keyboard.   It is common sense that an EKG are used by several medical personnel and with printed patient information on the EKG printout it does not only serve to be more professional, but also prevents wrong identification added to a printout with obvious serious implications.

3. What View Do You Have?

With a screen at your disposal fitted to the EKG machine, you will be able to see that all leads are in good working order. This feature also allows you to ensure that the base line is stable before starting to record the EKG.  If all 12 leads are visible, you will be able to view all activities in real time.


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