3 Foods That Cause Stroke



One of the most sudden occurrences is stroke that brings with itself fear as it happens without warning. Stroke occurs when vein blood vessel leading to or in brain bursts or develops blood clot and gets blocked. This is because brain cells are deprived of nutrients or oxygen. There are some foods that increase the risk of stroke occurrence.

Diet Soda

This seemingly healthy substitute for sugary drinks is one of the major culprits of causing stroke. Consuming one diet soda every day increases stroke risk manifold. If quenching thirst with water seems not to be a favorable option, try having iced tea, lemonade or juice, in place of diet soda.

Canned Foods and Soup

Frozen foods or packed delicacies are increasing the stroke risk as they depend on sodium to enhance flavor and keep the freshness of these foods intact. It is because of this increased salt content that you suffer from stroke. And, this is also the reason why nutritionists urge food companies for reducing salt quantity.

The main reason that results in stroke is increased blood pressure and with excessive intake of salt, blood pressure is bound to increase.Read the canned or processed food or soup you want to purchase for these ingredients: baking powder, disodium phosphate, baking soda, sodium alginate and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Howsoever safe these ingredients might sound but are salt in disguise.It will be a better idea to prepare soups at home and freeze small portions. Before buying any food product, do look for low sodium variants. But carefully assess these products as they might not live up to the promise they make.

Chips, Baked Goods, Pastries and Cakes

This much loved snack or food is one of the critical, major determiners of stroke. These include chips, muffins, crackers, pastries and other baked goods are rich in hydrogenated oils. You must have seen that even at room temperature these baked goods retain their form and don’t need refrigeration.

The worst of the lot are fried chicken, French fires and the other fried stuffs. Trans fats that is present in abundant quantities increases the risk of stroke. It is because these trans fats block arteries and thus restrict blood flow to the brain, causing stroke.

Avoid fried foods and do not forget to carefully read the food labels before buying them. If you love baked foods then bake them at home. This will decrease the amount of preservatives and trans fats in it.

Stroke can be fatal. If you want to live a healthy and safe life then avoid these dangerous foods. Eat healthy and be healthy.


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