25 Ways To Detox Your Life.

detox your life
25 ways to detox your life

Life seems to be a clutter sometimes. It is important to detox and declutter in order to make it better organized and maintain sanctity. In the long run, a life detox would make us a better, kinder, happier, calmer and self-caring human being. We accumulate a lot of toxins, not only from the external physical environment, but also from the inner mental environment. Below are ways to detox both the environments and promote well-being.

25 ways to detox your life
25 ways to detox your life

1.   Learn to differentiate between self-doubt and self-criticism.

We often tend to confuse between the two, and self-criticism sometimes may lead to self-doubt. It not only puts down your self-esteem, but also hampers our confidence.

It is necessary to evaluate ourselves at times, but not to an extent that it puts us at a war with our own self.

2.   Distance yourself away from toxic people.

There are people who we are not compatible with, which is fine. But there are people who see the negative side of everything. Avoid people who blame a lot, try to control you, do not accept their mistakes, are dishonest, manipulative and judgmental.

3.   Pursue at least one hobby every weekend.

Be it painting, baking, playing an instrument, bird watching, photography, or anything that just makes you happy from within. It will boost your creativity and you will release all the stresses of the week. It makes life more interesting and you might as well discover a whole new side of you!

4.   Surround yourself with people who boost your esteem and confidence.

They not only give us moral support when we feel low, but also absorb our words like a sponge. In fact, doing so always gives us a new direction to think when in dilemma.

5.   Spend some time in the lap of mother nature.

As early humans, our forefathers used to live in forests, never knew what pollution was and consumed the freshest of fruits and vegetables. However, today we live in civilized man-made societies, far away from our roots. Sitting on the grass, going out on a picnic to the countryside, or just soaking in a beautiful sunset relaxes both the mind and body.

6.   Detox your body.

Spend time doing at least one kind of physical activity, be it swimming, running, brisk walk, badminton, martial arts, or any other activity of your choice. This will keep your body and mind fit.

7.   Read.

Make it a point to read a little of something every day that is not a part of work or academics. If you’re not a regular consumer of books, start off with short stories and gradually move towards books. Reading takes us to a whole new world. It relaxes the mind because we stop thinking of everything else once we are engrossed.

8.   Limit use of social media.

Addiction to social media is as good as substance abuse. In fact, research has proven that social media has increased rates of depression in adolescents besides affecting cognitive performance, increasing self-doubt, suicidal tendencies and so on so forth.

9.   Maintain a ‘no screen’ time each day.

Screens emit blue light that affects sleep. If you have a TV in your bedroom, replace it with a candle stand instead. Scented candles create mood and relax your body. Meditating before sleep is the best one could do to rejuvenate and prepare the body and mind for the next day.

10.       Take care of yourself.

You can’t give if you don’t have anything yourself. It is not really selfish and narcissistic to take care of and love ourselves. Getting attention from our own self only makes us self-satisfied and a kinder human being.

11.       Learn to be open-minded and accept criticism.

Critics are our best teachers. It is our critics who give us a whole new perspective. It is always good to check out different opinions for fruitful outcomes.

12.       Make a to-do list every morning and tick off as you gradually finish each one.

This makes us organized and shows progress gradually. In fact, we tend to forget less when we make a to-do list every day.

13.       Eat healthily.

Excessive consumption of junk puts our health at risk, besides messing up our cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels.

14.       Learn to say no whenever required.

If you think people take advantage of you because you never deny company or help, its time to learn this new trick. Helping people and giving them the company isn’t bad as long as you have time for your own tasks to finish.

15.       Make a monthly resolution and stick to it.

For example, take up a 30-day challenge to drink an extra liter of water, start exercising, 100 squats a day, eating 5 servings of vegetables every day, or anything else that would make your life better.

It takes 21 days for our brain to create a habit. So why not use it to keep ourselves healthy!

16.       Do you forget where you keep your things?

Or do you forget to do certain tasks? Well then, start organizing your stuff. Organize files on your system, your closet, your kitchen, your work desk, your bag, and even your phone. Organizing helps de-clutter and makes our lives more convenient.

17.       Try to forgive.

Forgiving helps us calm our mind down and focus on more important matters. It helps us overcome bad experiences and makes us a better person. But that doesn’t mean we should forget. Just so that the bad experience doesn’t repeat again.

18.       Go out on a vacation.

Save a part of your salary and dedicate it just to travel. Go to a new place, meet new people, try new cuisines and explore. There is much more to life than just being engrossed with work. Make a bucket list and tick off gradually.

19.       Spend time with people you love.

Make some time for family and friends and create memories that you can cherish later on in life. This also makes us more grateful to the people we love.

20.       Adopt a pet.

Be it a dog, or a cat or even a little fish. Pets, especially dogs and cats teach us loyalty and loving selflessly. In fact, they keep our immunities boosted and blood pressures in check.

21.       Get psychiatric help if needed.

If you think you suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies or panic attacks, it’s always better to get psychiatric help. There is always a solution to mental health issues. Talking to someone trustworthy, writing down feelings and keeping a journal also helps to an extent.

22.       Listen more than you talk.

We usually tend to be in a hurry to speak our part. But, listening is a very important part of communication. It helps us study things we never thought of. Besides that, it makes us patient human beings.

23.       Do you think you spend a lot of time thinking unnecessary stuff?

Are you too emotional? Do you feel trapped in a vicious circle? And does it hamper with your daily activities, especially sleep? Then it’s time to think practically and logically to get out of the fix. Make it a habit to think of the pros and cons every time you are in a fix. If you are unable to do so, get help from someone who you think is capable of advising you.  Besides giving a new perspective, it will pull us out of the loophole, save us time and be more productive.

24.       Make it a habit to save funds.

Invest in at least another area beside your direct profession, be it trading, mutual funds, gold, or even provident fund. It will give you returns later in the future and make you more financially stable. Make health and life insurances to worry less during an emergency. Financial stability not only keeps us safe but also keeps the extra stress away.

25.       Keep aside a little ‘me-time’ every day.

Use this time to reflect upon yourself. It will not only make us more observant towards our own self, but also tell us if we went wrong somewhere, which can be corrected. This would take only 5-10 minutes but will prove to be one of the most important time of the day in the long run.


Life might not be as smooth as silk. In fact, problems are the reason we become stronger individuals. However, detoxing from time to time will help us create a healthier world for ourselves and everyone. Detoxification is an everlasting process and changes do not happen overnight. However, once we get into the habit and clear the mess from time to time, we would feel much better and be better individuals.

What are your ways to detox life? Do write to us on email or drop us a comment below. Your opinions are valuable to us!


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