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Injectable contraceptive increases risk of contracting HIV: Research reveals

  A recent research says that women who use a particular type of injectable contraceptive known as Medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), have a higher risk of contracting HIV. This was gathered from an analysis of 12 studies done in Sub-Saharan Africa. The analysis showed that injectable contraceptive (DMPA) caused a 40% increased risk of contracting HIV  Full Article…


Infographic: Top 10 foods for pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest experiences that a woman can have. However, the period needs extra care regarding nutritious diet for the mother-to-be. It is important for the woman as well as the growing baby. With this post, we have come up with some foods that could help women experience their motherhood in its  Full Article…


Consequences of Premature Birth

Premature birth may affect an infant—or later in childhood phase, even if the birth has well been after completion of ‘full term’. That seemingly pretty negligible time of a few days to weeks in the womb matters, if we go by the latest scientific researches in this field. The most concerned aspect is the slower  Full Article…


10 Things To Remember About Your Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, information overload starts about 5 minutes after the test stick reads positive. There are books, websites, magazines, television shows, and suddenly everyone has something to tell you about pregnancy, labor and delivery. How do you cut through all the noise and find the information that really matters? Here, from someone who has  Full Article…


Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is a breathtaking experience that arrives with its regular do’s and don’ts that an expectant mother should inhabit. Pregnant women who follow this code of instructions specifying the do’s and don’ts enjoy the pregnancy period without any discomfort. This is the period when their babies are within them and adhering to these ifs and  Full Article…