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7 Ways To Make Your Workplace A Happy And Healthy Zone

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A happy workplace leads to happy life

Every little thing is life adds to happiness and health. Like Working passionately and loving your profession is an awesome feeling. You can only enjoy it if you get the right environment at the workplace. For some who have to work as a necessity irrespective of their passion, they should know how to extract happiness […]

Is It Addiction Or A Habit? 6 Ways To Detect Addiction In One’s Life!

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Mirrors on the ceiling, The pink champagne on ice And she said ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own addiction device’ The word Addiction is quite famous amongst the society. Used as a negative addressing towards someone. We are yet not familiar with the real difference between a habit and addiction. A habit […]

15 Foods for Anti-Ageing

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Disappointed with your wrinkles? Is ageing lowering your self -esteem? Do you feel ashamed of this partially dead skin you have to carry everywhere with you? Don’t worry. We all know that ageing is a natural process and you cannot do anything to stop it. But, you can take some measures to delay it. By […]

6 Easiest Steps to Keep your Brain Sharp

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steps to keep your brain healthy

Brain health is one of the most important concerns nowadays. Like other body parts, our brain also changes with age. Mental decline or dementia (loss of memory) is one of the feared consequences of ageing that is certain to happen in everybody’s life.  

8 Reasons your Acne Treatment is Not Working

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common causes of acne

Acne and pimple is such a common problem that everybody experiences it at least once in their life time. It can occur at any age, but young people are more likely to have this problem. Acne can be of many types like mild, less severe or severe. Many people fail to get rid of this […]

7 Top Secrets to Reduce Back Pain

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cure back pain

Around nine out of ten people experience back pain in their lifetime. Back pain is one of the commonest causes of work-related absence in everywhere. Even though, back pain is not a major issue, but it can be transformed into a serious problem over time if left untreated. Severe back pain can impact on the […]

5 Common Foot Problems in Men

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common feet problems

Foot problems are the most common issues ignored by men. Most of the time they overlook such issues because the problem begins with mild pain. But it is not a good idea to live with the problem because it may become worse over time if not treated at the right time. However, it is easy […]

Research reveals skin fat cells help prevent infection

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A recent research found that fat cells present under the skin are the first responders to an infection before white blood cells arrive at the wound site. The researchers asserted that the study findings suggest that the immune system is not wholly responsible for fighting against infection. Experiments done showed that, the fat cells first […]

FDA investigating the safety of laxative in children

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that the safety of an ingredient in an adult laxative usually given to children is under investigation. Polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG 3350) is an active ingredient of the laxative, Miralax; and similar generic products that are prescribed to children having constipation. Some children take this drug daily for […]

Research reveals how rotavirus infects kids

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  Rotavirus is considered to be the most important and common cause of severe diarrhea in children. A recent research has identified that rotavirus enters the cells through the carbohydrate receptors existing on the intestinal cells of children. According to the senior author, Mark Von Itzstein, a professor at the Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University […]

FDA approves a new drug for acne scarring

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The FDA has recently approved a drug, Bellafill, for management of acne scarring. Bellafill is an injected gel that increases the volume of the skin to lift the skin and smooth out the hollow acne scars to the level of the surrounding normal skin. In the research which led to an FDA approval, 64% out […]