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Why are ceramic braces recommended for adults?

shining teeth

Looking good has become a priority now for people all over the world. Crooked teeth or broken teeth can mar the appearance of a person and make them self conscious in social settings. Dental braces were commonly worn by children a few decades ago, but today an increasing number of adults are also seeking the  Full Article…


Mood-Shifters for Better Health and Happiness


Believe it or not, the presence of negativity and depression in your life can have a direct impact on your physical health. Research on behavioral medicine has linked depression, stress, negative emotions and isolation to many adverse health conditions. Among these health conditions are cancer, heart disease and substance abuse. Serious and chronic mental health  Full Article…


Infographic: Are You Among the World’s Healthiest People?


Worldwide life expectancy has increased greatly in the last 100 years. Scientists have discovered how humans can live a longer, healthier life. This infographic shares health-related research and statistics in an attractive visual format. You’ll learn which country residents live the longest, and the answers may surprise you. No continent or ethnicity has a claim  Full Article…


5 Causes of Severe Headache


Almost every person has experienced headache at one or the other time. The pain may be short lived or can carry on for many days altogether. When you know the cause treating it is easy but, the problems come in, when you have sudden bouts of headache that last for long. And, this is just  Full Article…


Beauty Myths That Need to Die

Beauty Myths

All have a gift of beauty from God. But, few care for it and maintain it life-long and the rest are careless. Those, who are neither careful nor conscious of their beauty, invariably feel the need for beauty treatment at some point of life. However, most of folks face a tussle between the science of  Full Article…


10 Sure-Shot Giveaways You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Make sleeping your favorite

How will things be like if you try to fit things in an overcrowded day? It is almost like trying to block a pizza box in a garbage box. This might fit but at the cost of something else. It is exactly the same when you try restricting sleep thinking it’s not important. Make sleeping  Full Article…


Backaches – Why?


Backache is a common problem that occurs to almost everyone in their daily life. Whether it is your hectic life or job, this painful incident has become common. If you are having a mild ache it doesn’t mean you will wait for it to increase; seek doctor’s help at once. It is important to know  Full Article…