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10 Foods to Help You Have Super Shiny Hair

Woman with long straight hair

These days having a shiny hair is a real big challenge. Our modern lifestyle, busy schedules and excessive pollution and dryness of the weather often takes away the required shine from the hair. For those who do not have much volume to their hair it is the cut and shine of the hair that makes  Full Article…


Want to have Healthy Hair?

Healthy Hair

Hair loss is the common problem for everyone. Pollution, bad health, improper diet etc. are some of the many reasons. But when you see hairball increasing rapidly then you get tension. And, in this condition, your suffer more from hair loss. Expensive hair treatment, going to parlor etc. are the only ways that you think  Full Article…


Concealing Hair Loss Using A Quick Weave

lace front wig

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair loss, or at least nothing that works 100% of the time. Fortunately, there are a variety of wigs, weaves, and hair pieces available to help disguise the problem. Is a quick weave the best option for you? Well, let’s compare and contrast each option to find out: Quick  Full Article…


The Hair Loss Fact File

The Hair Loss Fact File

Hair loss is, unfortunately, a hereditary condition.  The human race has perfected ways to cook your ready meal using a microwave, can beam satellite transmissions via space across thousand of miles to your television set and even send men to the moon, but if you’re balding baby, you just have to live with it. At  Full Article…


Hair Loss: It’s Not Just For Men Anymore

hair loss

On television commercials as well as magazine and Internet ads you see this subject everywhere – Hair Loss.  Ever since the creation of man this is one thing man has been very sensitive about, very few men like the idea of losing their hair and going bald.  I’m assuming this comes from the military.  When  Full Article…


How to Prevent Hair Loss – Things You Must Know

Hair loss is normal process of the body. Unfortunately, this process can sometimes become abnormal and lead to psychological and pathological maladies. The experts agree – natural hair care is one of the best methods to avoid abnormal hair loss. While hair loss is common among both males and females, the reasons behind it tend  Full Article…


Hair loss basics – One should know!

A partial of complete hair loss is called baldness. When the normal hair falls out from the hair follicles, it grows new hair. A failure of growing new hair results in baldness. The cause of the failure to grow new hair Baldness is commonly known as hair loss. Its medical name is Alopecia. To understand  Full Article…