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Cases of TB fall

TB declined

It’s good news. For the first time, numbers of people suffering from TB have declined, said world Health Organization. As per latest data released by World Health Organization, there is also a decline in global death rates. Still deficiency of funds can be a problem, especially with regards to Tuberculosis. As per the general secretary,  Full Article…


New Gene Identified: Research Says


Researchers from University of Wisconsin have said that a gene has been identified that enhances diabetes susceptibility. Researchers performed the test on mice and came up with conclusion that tomosyn-2 was controlled by the gene and insulin secretion was inhibited from pancreas. Comparison was done between two groups of mice and they revealed difference in  Full Article…


Inadequate Sleep Can Cause Diabetes

Cause Diabetes

  According to an article by American Diabetes Association, highlight that Diabetes links to sleep as well. A lack of sleep can cause high blood sugar level which can lead to Diabetes.Researchers are unclear whether inadequate sleep can be the reason of changes in blood sugar. But as per the results, it is clear that  Full Article…


Diabetes Doubles Alzheimer’s Risk

diabetes doubles

Diabetic people are more prone to have heart related problems at their early ages. In addition, diabetes also enhances the risk of Alzheimer’s and some other variants in later ages, latest research stated. The study observed around 1000 people of approximately 60 years and reached to the conclusion that diabetic people have 50 percent more  Full Article…


5 Key Factors to Reduce Diabetes

Reduce Diabetes

Meeting your goals related to your health will certainly help you to reduce the chances of developing diabetes. Even family history plays a big role in diabetes. Bad habits like excess of drinking and smoking, eating unhygienic food can also be the reason of chronic diseases. Some of the key attributes which you can follow  Full Article…


Foods And Herbs To Decrease Diabetes

These days diabetes has become very common. Diabetes is also called as diabetes mellitus. It is caused due to high accumulation of glucose or sugar in the blood. When our body is not able to secret insulin properly to convert carbohydrate into glucose diabetes is caused. There are two types of diabetes Type 1 diabetes  Full Article…


Diet Tips for Diabetics

Diabetes is a common health issue these days and it does not leave one, in spite of regular medication or workouts, but the one thing that can be done to keep it in check is follow a healthy eating habit and stick to a proper diet. A diabetes diet is not always the most delicious  Full Article…


Vulnerable Implications Of Diabetes

Text Books

A condition, in which a person has a high blood sugar level, because the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or body cells don’t respond properly to the insulin that is produced, called Diabetes. It is a hormone disorder that can cause problems with kidneys, legs, eyes, nerves, blood flow and heart. If not treated properly,  Full Article…