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Gunjan is keen to collect and share useful and lesser known health tips and information. She is a social media activist for the brand and loves her job after the family. Contact her if you have a specific question or health article you'd like to see on Health Niche. She'd quick to answer requests.

Sex could have averted World War II !

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Sex could have averted World War

In an interesting research that came out in a study done by psychologists, sex could have averted people from doing heinous and gruesome crimes against humanity. If they are to be believed Osama would have been a calm person if he had sex more often. Shocked? But this is what they have to say. Sex […]

Generic Labs Anavar : The Safer Alternative To Steroid Use

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Anabolic steroids act similarly to testosterone which promotes muscle development and enhances strength. There are many kinds of these medicines in the market but only a handful is safe to use. Generic Labs produces Anavar which safely delivers steroids to the body to enhance strength and help body builders develop muscles faster. Using the wrong […]

Looking For The Most Highly Recommended HGH Injection

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Jintropin injection is one of the most popularly used HGH injections of all. HGH is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pituitary glands. HGH injections on the other hand are DNA replica of the growth hormone. It is has the same 191 amino acids that mimics the naturally produced hormones of the body. […]

Enjoy The Convenience And Savings Of Discount Medical Supplies At Your Fingertips

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A trip to the medical supplies store is inconvenient for most people. Going from one place to another will cost time, effort and money. With the development of the touch technology, you can save on gas, parking and other miscellaneous costs. You can order discount medical supplies wherever you are, in the comforts of your own […]

The Essence of Visiting A Dentist Glasgow

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A dentist works to ensure you enjoy the best oral health by diagnosing and treating all the dental problems that you may have. As a matter of fact, it is advisable that you see a dentist at least twice a year. The dentist uses a wide array of equipment for the performance of various procedures […]

Rotator Cuff Injury

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In the shoulder are present tendons and muscles which make the rotator cuff injury and connect the bones of the upper arm with the blades of the shoulder. The upper bone of the arm is held well with the ball and socket of the shoulder. Any joint in the body is able to attain a […]

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Tips

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It is in different ways that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is addressed nowadays, the treatment of which includes certain special kinds of exercise. The treatment also includes using of splints and surgery as recommended and diagnosed by specialists having great deal of extensive experience in the field. Neurosurgeons as well as orthopaedic surgeons are […]

Used Medical Equipment For Sale

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For all your medical equipment needs from cast cutters to incubators and anesthesia machines to surgical instruments, you can turn your attention towards the many companies that bring you the best used medical equipment for sale with great prices, services and after sales support. These companies bring you high quality refurbished equipment in superb condition […]

Eat Fiber and Grains to Reduce the Risk of Bowel Cancer

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As per the research, people who consume more of grains and fiber are less prone to have bowel cancer. This research was conducted at Imperial College London. As per the latest study, if you increase the intake of these products by 10 g in a day, you reduce the risk by around 10 percent.   […]

Become A Nutritionist To Make A Difference

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Health is wealth and if you are a lay man in deciding what good food for you is, you need guidance and help from a nutritionist. You need to pay proper attention and take great care while consuming food. If your food has no nutrition value you can consider that as junk food, which will […]

Tennis Elbow – A Brief Introduction

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If you are suffering from tennis elbow, you should find ways to relieve pain and fix your elbow injury naturally. Using safe pain relief methods will be healthier than popping painkillers all the time. Some people opt for traditional tennis elbow treatment like surgery. This way of dealing with pain and sports injury may have long-term […]