Oily Face Remedies

Are you having oily skin? Then you must be overwhelmed with the products available in the market. But sometimes chemicals can cause more harm to your skin. Here are some lists of things which are good oily face remedies to keep your skin healthy.

Oils are essential to keep the skin healthy. But its excessive production is not a welcome condition. It can cause acne to add blemishes on your face. There are many proven ways to cut down on your oily skin to have a pleasing skin. Keeping the skin clean with the help of appropriate cleansers is one way. Other ways are also described here.

•    Clean your skin morning and night: Clean your skin morning and night: Oily skin needs a gel based or soapy cleanser because overactive oil glands secrete oil which leads to pimples. This will help to clean away excess oil form pores and strip. The soapy cleanser, however, should be gentle; else, it may even raise the oil production. A gentle wash using your hands is best; buff puff and clothes may leave an opposite effect i.e. causing excessive secretion. First, you have to try out basic cleansers followed by acidic ones if the former don’t work. The acid may help you cut oil. The acidic cleansers having salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and beta hydroxyl acid are effective. The skin sensitivity to these chemicals can, however, vary from person to person. So, you may need to test many products before you find the most suitable one for you. Use warm water and not hot while cleansing your face.


•    Use a toner: You should apply toner and swipe on your face and should pay more attention to some areas like crevices around your nose. Acidic toners containing salicylic acid and other acids are particularly effective. Splashing on a skin toner is liked by many and it helps in reducing the oil. Some doctors suggest selective use of toners only on the affected part of skin. You may use these on nose, forehead and chin, but not over other parts as it may cause dry patches. You may wonder to know that physicians are engaged busting the popular myth that people have either dry skin of oily skin. They say there are instead dry as well as oily areas of skin in every individual.


Medicated Pads: Medicated pads make for a popular option to deal with oily skin. The pads are soaked in acidic ingredients to relieve your skin of excessive oil. These are easy to carry and can be used anywhere anytime.

Blotting Paper: These help you fight extra oil in a balanced manner these don’t render you a dried-out skin.  It is easy to use and convenient. The caution is that it should not be used to scrub on the skin; instead, you have to press it on the skin for, say, 20 seconds.

Special Sunscreen: The common sunscreens are thick, so these pose the risk of blocking the pores in people with oily skin. The substitute, therefore, is a special kind of sun screens. These may be sunscreen gels. Or alternatively, you may be benefited by the latest facial powders having sunscreen elements. There are also other alternative products offering as high as SPF 30 protection.

Know your skin better: The oily nature of your skin is not a stable property. It may fluctuate basing on many factors. These include weather, your hormonal profile and even your mood! So, you are better off reading the ups and downs with your skin and secretion of oil. If you know this you are benefited in two ways: you can change your skin care regimen as per need. You are never left with oily skin and are never threatened with dry patches on skin that are cause with inappropriate use of cleansers. The variation is so high that sometimes, you may not need to take care of oil for days and on other times, you may need it twice or thrice daily.

•    Use light moisturizer: Several people with oily skin fear to use moisturizer but did you know, your skin needs it. You can use light moisturizer such as serum which can provide your face the moisture it needs.

It is a misconception that moisturizers add oil to skin. There are moisturizers that are completely free of oil and help your skin look better without lending it oily sheen. Rest knowing your skin to adjust treatments is always wise.


•    Exfoliate once or twice a week: To get rid of dead skin cells you must exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. It encourage cell turnover which helps the growth of healthy skin faster on the surface. People who are more prone to acne should be gentle as over exfoliating may cause more breakouts.

•    Use mask: There are some masks available which can clean out your pores and tighten them. Oily skin people mostly complain about large pores, so they should use mask once in a week. Clay mask are good for oily skin.

Doctors, however, caution to use the masks selectively at the time you need them most and on the areas you feel most oily. It is because these are effective enough and may cause dryness in used injudiciously. Apply these on special occasions like parties etc.