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Chocolate Recipes: A Sweet Therapy For Your Weight Loss

Chocolate dolls

When it comes to losing weight, you would hardly believe that a treat like chocolate can actually help you shed the pounds. However, this fact seems to be true as research shows and chocolate lovers have a lot of reasons to be ecstatic about. Dark chocolate is full of MUFAs and these healthy fats help  Full Article…


15 Skin Care Items In Your Kitchen And How To Use Them


Having perfect skin is a dream that we all share. There are countless  skin care products available that all claim they’re your best bet for getting you the glowing skin you crave, but sometimes you can react to these products poorly because of their harshness. Everything you need for that perfect glow can be found  Full Article…


5 Things Disturbing Your Sleep

no sleep

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. Almost everyone has gone through nights where they can’t seem to get the kind of sleep they want or they had when they were babies. Between the amount of coffee we consume to the stresses of our professional and personal lives to conditions out of our control (e.g. noisy neighbors),  Full Article…


Relieve Menstrual Problems With Yoga Nidra

Tough yoga poses

Going to yoga class and forcing your body into ridiculous positions may seem like a horrible idea during your period. And may be it is. But a specific type of this Eastern practice called Yoga Nidra appears to have a positive effect on relieving many menstrual issues. Is it worth the try? What Is Yoga  Full Article…